Create The Boundaries You Need

Do you have good boundaries? Do you feel like you have good boundaries or are boundaries an area that you want to get better at?

So many of us aren't taught good boundaries growing up from our families or from society. Certainly systems of oppression doesn't teach us good boundaries (we don't even know what consent is!). 

As introverts, empaths and/or HSPs, we can often feel like people are crossing our boundaries. 

Often times, we don't know what IS a boundary until someone has crossed it. This is normal. We are learning...

And, I think we can be more conscious of what we want our boundaries to be before someone crosses them. We just need to think about our needs and intentions.

What do YOU need? What do YOU need to protect and restore your energy?

What do YOU need to fully show up in all areas of your life and in the world?

What do YOU need to be well, energized, thrive and shine?

What do YOU need in this moment? 

There are different kinds of boundaries that we need to create for ourselves: physical, verbal, energetic, spiritual, etc....

If you're highly sensitive to touch, for example, you'll probably need to tell people how you like to be touched. (I know I do since I am sensitive to light, gentle touch and need firm touch to feel good.)

Sometimes, we need to verbally communicate our boundaries to people and THAT'S TOTALLY OKAY. There is nothing wrong with this.


Patriarchy and social conditioning has told us to shy away from being direct about our boundaries. Being direct doesn't mean we have to be mean or cause some kind of drama. 

Being direct just means being clear. We can be clear in a kind, loving and warm way. Or we can be clear in a neutral way, whichever you prefer in the moment. 

But, remember, it's okay and vital to say "No" and "Not right now" or "Hey, I need some alone time for the next hour or so, can you go somewhere or...."

Other times, we need to create energetic boundaries. The awesome thing about energetic boundaries is that no one ever needs to know you are creating one! And you can do it anytime. 

You create an energetic boundary by visualizing boundaries in your mind. You visualize a different energy. For example, you might visualize a tall row of green trees or a stainless window between you and another person. Or, if you're wanting a harsher, more solid boundary, you could even imagine a steel wall. 

What boundaries do you need to create for yourself right now?

If you're a deep feeler and sensitive soul, then boundaries are ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL FOR YOU. 

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