What CEOs, Bosses & Leaders Can Benefit From Coaching

Coaching is the deeper work of consulting...

You might come to consulting because you want to learn how to do things the "right way", say the "right things", use the "right language", so on and so forth. 

But, here's the thing, it's not about the "right" thing or way of bringing about change.

Yes, there's always new language to learn and unlearn, there are always new ways of relating, thinking and doing in the world that seem more freeing, but it's not about getting it "right." 

Getting it "right" is missing the point and is falling into the perfectionism trap.

There is no one "right" way of doing things or saying things. Language is always evolving. Our thinking and doing is always evolving. That is, if we are committed to learning and growth. 

It's about your commitment to growth. And, this is where coaching comes in. Your personal growth is just as important as the change you want to create in the world. In fact, they're interconnected. 

You cannot truly enact change in the world if you don’t self-reflect, go inward and do your own inner healing.

You cannot truly enact change in the world without investigating your own beliefs, heart, and unpack the oppression you have internalized that impact your everyday life. The oppression that impacts how you show up in the world and how you treat other people.

When you look at our own mind and connect to your own body, you are better equipped to deal with the environments and world around you. You have greater skills and tools to integrate into your larger vision for the future. For the kind of change you want to bring about in the world.

When you're doing the inner work, you're experiencing more freedom in your own mind, heart and body. Freedom is an inside AND outside experience and creation.

The more you free your own mind from oppressive thoughts, get good at feeling your feelings, and feel free in your own body, the better you will be able to create freedom in the world. 

Everyone benefits from doing the inner work. I do believe everyone could benefit from a life coach (even those of us who already are life coaches).

Having someone’s guidance along your path can feel like the amazing support that you need and also the gentle push to help you move outside your comfort zone so you can dream bigger and live the next level of your life.

Because this is what you’re meant for, as a visionary-someone who cares deeply about the state of the world, oppression and injustice and who wants to be a part of creating a more freeing future for all.

You need the best support having your back and helping you grow to the next level. This makes you and your work more powerful. You are worth it.

Say yes to yourself and your own personal growth. This is what the world needs just as much. 


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