Your Being Is More Important Than Your Doing

I've been thinking...

more about being instead of doing...

It’s hard for us to just BE and not feel like we need to be doing something. Society and our ego define our lives based on doing. It's what capitalism has taught us. That we need to be productive. And if we're not, then we're not worthy. We're not enough. We must be working. We must be producing labor. This is how success is defined. By hard work. Success is not defined by just being, by just being ourselves.

But, I think there's something in the being that we're missing because we're so focused on the doing.

When we focus on our being, we get more in touch with the essence of who we are, with our spiritual selves, with our intuition.

Who are you before the doing? Who are you before you do anything at all? Before you work? Before productivity? What kind of being is present? Who is your being? What does it feel like?

This is where I think the heart of the matter is.

But, how do you get more in touch with who you are underneath it all?

Sitting still with yourself is a direct way to feel into our essence. You can call it meditation or just sitting with yourself, it doesn't really matter. But, just sitting in stillness and connecting to the you underneath it all or above it all. Connecting with your intuition. Paying attention to who your soul is.

I believe that when we connect more to our being, then we will be more guided by our intuition and the stuff that doesn't matter, the unnecessary stress, will melt away. Maybe little by little at first, but you will start to align yourself more with who you truly are and live more of life from that place.

Being out in nature can help us connect more to our being. Since we are part of nature. This reminds us of our interconnectedness. This is who we really are. We are interconnected. When we remember that we are interconnected with nature, again, more of the muck falls away, because we see the bigger picture. We see that we are part of the whole. That there is no me without you and no you without me. We all created this world together. We're all in this together. This helps get us more in touch with our compassion and empathy for one another, which will help us create and live a more liberated and just place for all.

And the more we connect to the ground, the more grounded we feel. The more grounded we feel, the more stable and centered we feel. From this place, we are able to listen more closely to our intuition; we feel more at ease within ourselves and operating in the world; we can make decisions and communicate more clearly.

You can see all of these connections between connecting to the Earth and connecting to our spiritual selves and connecting with the world...

And success isn't actually defined by our doing because if it were, then we would all be seen as successful. Most of us are working really hard. Not all of us are "successful" by society's standards. Many of us tend to get too wrapped up in our idea of "success" that we lose touch with who we really are and why we're really on this planet.

You can redefine success or give it up altogether no matter how many big dreams, desires and ambitions you have! You don’t have to quit having them, but if focusing on “success” too much is getting you out of touch with your being, then it’s worth re-setting. You might find that you are more "productive" when you’re more focused on being and more connected to your intuition. This doesn't mean action goes out the window. It just means that your actions come from a different place, and are more in alignment with who you really are that cannot be defined by society.

My mantra for you: May you know your true essence. May you always be connected to it and follow your intuition.

XO Cam