5 Min Feel Freedom In Your Body Visualization Exercise

Connecting to our bodies is essential for our inner freedom and power.

It's essential for getting free from all the societal messages that we've internalized about not feeling good enough, sexy enough, deserving, worthy, lovable, accepted, and.....

A lot of my deeper work with clients involves helping them get more in their bodies and listening to their inner wisdom. If you’re feeling disconnected from your body at all, I have a little exercise that could help you feel more connected.

I offer you this visualization exercise:

Think of a time when you felt free. Or, think of an image/fantasy that makes you feel free. Pay attention to every detail of your image from the shoes you are wearing to what color the sky is. Then, feel into the freedom that you are experiencing in this image.

What does it feel like? What are you feeling in your body?

Pay attention to what it feels like in your body from your head to your toes. Imagine that you are there, now, experiencing that freedom right now in your body. Feel it for as long as you need.

When you are ready to step away from the image in your mind, wiggle your toes and fingers and slowly open your eyes. Continue to feel your body and notice how it feels against the couch, chair, or bed of where you are sitting.

Carry that feeling of freedom with you noticing how it feels, how it feels in your body.


P.S. Are you an introvert, empath and/or highly sensitive person? Do you want to learn how to strengthen your selfcare foundation and protect your energy so you can thrive and shine, and be at your very best?