Carlos & Pedro: Performing Masculinity, Male Privilege & Emotional Labor

I'm here with Carlos and Pedro, who have a podcast called "Men Are Trash", which might sound offensive to some, but their deeper messages are worth listening to and they make me laugh! In this episode, we talk a lot about emotional intelligence, male privilege, the things cis men are unlearning, and emotional labor. We also talk about what it means for men to be friends with women in a way that doesn't revolve around sex or isn't initiated by ulterior motives, but is intended from a genuine desire for connection and friendship. In addition, Carlos and Pedro talk about how exhausting it is to constantly be expected to perform masculinity. Ableism, disability, and language are other topics that come up as well, and Carlos shares his own experience with them. 

Check out their podcast "Men Are Trash" on Soundcloud, and see if it's as refreshing for you as it is for me!