Catrice Jackson: Healing From Oppression & Undoing Racism, How White Women Can Be Advocates & Allies

Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Leader, and Entrepreneur, Catrice Jackson, believes that women will change and transform the world but not until we change and transform ourselves. This episode focuses on why and how White women, in particular, can heal from oppression and und their racism. While these conversations are difficult to have, they're essential for our liberation and growth as feminists, social justice warriors, and human beings. Confronting oppression is also beneficial for the health of our whole being, which we discuss in greater depth. The current U.S. political climate is a chance for us to really heal so that we can build a better world for us all. In addition, Catrice shares about how she's always been inclined to do things her way, compassionate detachment as part of her selfcare, and her yearly conference, "Do The Damn Thing." This episode is perfect for anyone who is ready to listen, unlearn, re-learn, grow, and experience more liberation. 

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