Support PoC Podcasters w/ Jamie, Stephanie & Ashleigh

Jamie from the Black Girl Nerds Podcast, Stephanie from The Lemonade Show, and Ashleigh from ThreeFifs Podcast join me to talk about greater visibility and representation for people of color podcasters and how to support PoC podcasters. Also, if you've been on the fence about starting a podcast, then this episode is for you as we, also, talk about the beauty of podcasting! Be inspired and create that podcast!

In this episode, we reference the "Open Letter," which I posted on my blog last month to bring awareness to the lack of visibility and representation for independent people of color podcasters. Read the Open Letter to learn more about this issue, and what is being called into action. 

If you aren't listening to PoC led podcasts already, then I encourage you to start. Start with the ones above (listed below) plus ones that I've already mentioned on Real Feminist Stories. For a more complete list, visit the end of the Open Letter.

 Black Girl Nerds

The Lemonade Show


Nerds of Prey  (Also, you can listen to my interview with NOP on Real Feminist Stories here

No, Totally   (Also, you can listen to my interview with Shaun on Real Feminist Stories here)

Megasheen (who will be on Real Feminist Stories Podcast soon!)