A Deep Journey Into Gender

This is an in depth 2.5-3 month (a total of 8 sessions) journey into gender that entails:

   One 60 minute one-on-one session per week*  

   Personalized weekly writing and reflection prompts, exercises, assignments and resources to support your learning/unlearning, exploration and enrich your experience

    Weekly email check-ins to help you feel supported and connected

*we’ll take a week break after each 3rd week to help you digest and integrate what you’ve learned, unlearned, and explored so far. and to give yourself some rest because this gender stuff can be a lot


*Payment plans are available


Ready To Take This Journey With Me And Get Free?


Mini Dive Into Gender

Not ready to take the deep dive but still want to do some digging and dissecting of gender and how it’s influencing you and your life? 

This package might be for you. It includes:

4 sessions for 45 minutes each

Some tools, resources and reflection exercises to support you and help you begin to integrate new perspectives and practices into your daily life. 

A 20 minute follow up call one-two weeks after all of our sessions to help you feel emotionally supported and inspired to integrate what you've learned and explored into your life.


*Payment plans are available


A Taste Of Gender

Want to get a taste of what this journey into unlearning and exploring your gender is all about before you take a deeper dive?

One 90 minute session 



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*Accessibility is important to me. If you're unable to afford my pricing, but are feeling drawn to work with me, then please fill out the form above leaving your information. Then, I will contact you and we'll find something that works for both of us.


Note: I am not a licensed therapist. If you’re wanting to talk to someone about transitioning your body, please see a therapist.

I make space for you to be completely honest with me about gender and what you’re struggling with. If there are areas that you want to go deeper into that are outside of my skillset or capacity, then I will let you know and refer you to an appropriate therapist or someone else that could support you better.