What you will receive during our time together

Learn and Unpack

  • gain a better understanding of gender socialization and how it influences your beliefs, feelings, experiences, choices, behavior and life.
  • heal and be free from gender expectations and norms that aren't serving you.
  • dive deeper into the messages that society has taught you/us about gender, and how you/we have taken them on.
  • look deeper into the beliefs that you have internalized about who you are based on gender, and how you relate to others based on these beliefs.
  • examine the various ways you've been taught to "perform" gender in your daily life. 
  • unlearn patriarchal practices that you've been taught to adhere to in your everyday life.
  • confront any fears that you have in relation to gender that are preventing you from connecting more to yourself and being all of who you are.
  • bring awareness to your inner experience and connect the dots between what you’ve internalized to societal conditioning to help you embody freedom from gender oppression. 
  • become more aware of how gender conditioning is connected to other oppressions, and how gender can be a different experience for different folks based on its intersections with race, disability, class, sexuality, etc. After all, gender doesn't exist all on its own.
  • get free of gender conditioning so that you can connect to your true self, live the life you want and create the kind of change you want to see in society 

Explore and Play

  • play with various expressions and practices of gender...
  • connect to your deepest desires around how you want to express yourself and show up in the world
  • explore the parts of yourself that have been denied or dehumanized.
  • re-discover and reclaim who you are and who you want to be.

I will hold a compassionate, accepting space for you to play and have fun with gender in ways that you've always wanted to or have yet to discover...

Own and Embrace

  • All of you....
  • reclaim all parts of yourself, whether they are gendered or not, whether you want them to be gendered or not.
  • support you in however want to identify or express yourself


  • More freeing practices in your everyday life...
  • You will learn a new language, and how to be more gender inclusive with your words in your daily life.
  • You will learn new habits that serve you and others, and how to incorporate all that you've learned about gender and yourself in your life and in the world.

“Cameron is pioneering a new type of freedom for us all.”
— Victoria Bauman