Who is my work for? 

My work is for all gender identities who want to gain a deeper understanding of gender socialization, how it affects their everyday life, and want to explore other ways of being in the world. 

Whether you identify as cis, non-binary, trans or have no idea of what any of these terms are, my sessions are for you if:

  • You're open to learning and unlearning binary beliefs, messages, and conditioning of gender.
  • You want to expand your awareness of gender and how it shows up in and affects your daily life and relationships. 
  • You desire to embody different gender expressions that you've been secretly curious about.
  • You want to be free of gender expectations and norms so you can show up as all of you.


Are you ready for this level of examination and exploration? 


Even if you're not examining or feeling conflicted about your gender, this might make you. 

At the very least, you will walk away with a deeper understanding of

  • how gender shows up in your everyday life
  • what you've been socialized to believe about gender
  • how gender conditioning affects your relationships
  • how this awareness enriches your life.


Let's explore.