Cameron Airen

Welcome, love.  I'm Cameron Airen.

I teach and support all genders to get free from gender expectations and norms. I do so by guiding us to unlearn that oppression in our lives in order to be all of who we are. 

I believe that letting go of the binary conditioning that we've been taught gives us more space and opportunity to connect with who we truly are and live to our full potential. 

When we do this, we are in a better position to create a safer world, safer ourselves and for everyone else.

In order to do this, we are required to be brave. To have the courage to step outside of our comfort zones and the boxes that society has placed us in. 

It requires that we generate the courage to question and challenge what we've always known to be true. 

So that we can re-discover what serves us and what doesn't. 

And liberate ourselves with new ways of thinking and being with each other. 


What has society told you about who you are?


What have you been taught about gender?


Do you believe what society has told you? Does it feel like you?


From the time we are born, we are assigned a gender. We are labeled either a girl or a boy

Its not just a label...

But one that comes with a whole set of expectations on who we "should" be and act in the world,

and how we should show up in our relationships with others.

These societal expectations take us further away from ourselves and living out our full potential. 

What I know is that....

You are so much more than the gender you've been assigned. 

You are multi-faceted and a whole person. 

Your gifts and strengths and purposes in this world don't have to do with your gender. 

Getting free from gender norms and expectations connects you deeper to who you are beyond what society says,

improves your relationships, and enriches your daily life.



Feminist Consulting

for business owners, solo entrepreneurs, and creatives

I offer consulting services to help teachers, coaches, facilitators, healers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and leaders integrate their feminist social justice values into their work, personal growth, and everyday life.

I help you get clear on your activism strengths and connect your passions to social justice, and incorporate a feminist lense into your work (including projects, teachings, one-on-one time with clients, workshops, clients), relationships and community.

I support you in creating the kind of change that you envision and are passionate about. 

Does this sound like something you need/want? 



learn more about some of the terms I use related to gender, feminism and oppression. 

Start with this podcast episode where i define terms such as intersectionality, ableism, white supremacy, patriarchy, queer, etc. 

to keep you aware of social justice language on your journey of learning and growth.  





"Cameron Airen embodies everything that I love about feminism. Her voice is a beacon of light in the intersectional feminist community. With a podcast highlighting the lives of a diverse array of women, her blog in which she explores questions of womanhood, Cameron consistently draws feminist voices from all over into meaningful conversation about healing, self-awareness, and growth." 

-Rowana Abbensettes, Writer and Creator of Spoken Black Girl



“Real Feminist Stories podcast is the inspirational bomb that we’ve all been waiting for. Armed to the teeth with bold, cutting-edge ideas and wisdom from powerful women--most of color--you don’t want to miss a single episode. The topics are varied and they all contain a single, central focus and aim: Intersectional Feminism. Cameron is a phenomenal and conscientious interviewer. She helps guide the listener to dig into the deeper issues, how it relates to our lives and what we can do to make this a better world for everyone. This podcast is informative, inspiring and courageous!” 

~Wendy Millstine, Writer, Editor, Poet



Prior to my session with Cameron, I had experienced a number of ah-hah moments while listening to her co-facilitate a workshop on sexuality and patriarchy, so was looking forward to further exploring these realisations and their implications in a one-on-one session. In just one hour with Cameron, I left with a plan for how I could challenge social structures and integrate feminism in my parenting, life and community. Cameron also helped me remember to balance this work with taking care of myself too - something that I often forget! I look forward to working with her again soon - but in the meantime will shout praise from the virtual rooftops about her and her work. Thanks so much Cameron.

~Naomi Arnold, Award Winning Business & Life Passion Coach, Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker, Engaging Women Ambassador and Human Rights Activist.