Cameron Airen

How much of who you've been taught to be has been defined by gender? 


From the time we are born, we are assigned a gender. We are either a "girl" or a "boy".

Often times, we are gendered BEFORE we are born. We want to know the answer to our burning question, "will it be a girl or a boy?"

From this label, we receive all kinds of different messages about who to be and how to be depending on our gender. 

We receive these messages from society, family, school, and the media. 

We internalize beliefs about what it means to be a "woman" and a "man" and we carry these beliefs with us into adulthood. They affect how we think of ourselves, how we treat ourselves, and how we think of and treat others. 

Gender conditioning affects every area of our life. It influences how we show up in the world and who we show up as. 

Society has taught us that gender is our personhood. That who we are at our core is either a “woman” or a “man.”

We want to be loved for who we are. We want to belong. We want to be accepted.

So, we cling to these ideas of what a "woman" is and what a "man" is and what roles we feel we need to perform in order to be accepted and belong in society.

What I know is that you are so much more than the gender that has been placed upon you at birth.

Becoming more aware of how gender impacts your everyday experience and freeing yourself from societal gender expectations can enhance your life and relationships.

The deeper your awareness of gender socialization, the closer you are to embracing all of who you are and living your full potential.

By embodying the change you need and want for yourself, for your own freedom, you will be able to enact that change in society.


I am Cameron Airen


a queer feminist who loves to help individuals move beyond the gender binary because I  believe that your true self lies outside of this binary, not within it.

I have a masters in Anthropology & social change and a B.A. in Women & Gender Studies. 

You can read more of my bio here


I am passionate about helping you get in touch with who you are underneath what you've been conditioned to be, and embrace it!

I am here to help relieve the pressure for you to fit into gender norms and help you heal from this expectation to "perform".

It is my intention to provide an emotionally safe space for you to be brave or curious to explore your gender identity (or non-identity), expression and exploration.

I teach you how to let go of the gender expectations that have been placed upon you.

I encourage you to be instead of do

I ask you to connect with who you are underneath the various and many societal layers and constructs.

I guide you in getting free from feeling like you have to live up to society’s expectations so you can be all of who you are and do all that you're meant to do in this life. 

Who is my work for? 

My work is for folks of all gender identities who want to stand in the power of ALL of who they are and live their FULL potential. 

You want to shed the layers that aren't you in order to connect deeper to your beautiful, complex and complete self. 

Whether you identify as cis, non-binary, trans or have no idea of what any of these terms are, my sessions are for you if:

  • You're open to learning and unlearning binary beliefs, messages, and conditioning of gender.
  • You want to expand your awareness of gender and how it shows up in and affects your daily life and relationships. 
  • You desire to embody different gender expressions that you've been secretly curious about.
  • You want to be free of gender expectations and norms so you can show up as all of you.


Are you ready for this level of examination and exploration? 


Even if you're not examining or questioning your gender, this might make you. 

At the very least, you will walk away with a deeper understanding of

  • how gender shows up in your everyday life
  • what you've been socialized to believe about gender
  • how gender conditioning affects your relationships
  • how this awareness enriches your life


Let's explore.


What you will receive during our time together

My sessions include a combination of teaching, consulting and coaching depending on your needs, desires and goals. Here are some things we can explore...

Learn and Unpack

  • gain a better understanding of gender socialization and how it influences your beliefs, feelings, experiences, choices, behavior and life.
  • heal and be free from gender expectations and norms that aren't serving you.
  • dive deeper into the messages that society has taught you/us about gender, and how you/we have taken them on.
  • look deeper into the beliefs that you have internalized about who you are based on gender, and how you relate to others based on these beliefs.
  • examine the various ways you've been taught to "perform" gender in your daily life. 
  • unlearn patriarchal practices that you've been taught to adhere to in your everyday life.
  • confront any fears that you have in relation to gender that are preventing you from connecting more to yourself and being all of who you are.
  • bring awareness to your inner experience and connect the dots between what you’ve internalized to societal conditioning to help you embody freedom from gender oppression. 
  • become more aware of how gender conditioning is connected to other oppressions, and how gender can be a different experience for different folks based on its intersections with race, disability, class, sexuality, etc. After all, gender doesn't exist all on its own.
  • get free of gender conditioning so that you can connect to your true self, live the life you want and create the kind of change you want to see in society 

Explore and Play

  • play with various expressions and practices of gender...
  • connect to your deepest desires around how you want to express yourself and show up in the world
  • explore the parts of yourself that have been denied or dehumanized.
  • re-discover and reclaim who you are and who you want to be.

I will hold a compassionate, accepting space for you to play and have fun with gender in ways that you've always wanted to or have yet to discover...

Own and Embrace

  • All of you....
  • reclaim all parts of yourself, whether they are gendered or not, whether you want them to be gendered or not.
  • support you in however want to identify or express yourself


  • More freeing practices in your everyday life...
  • You will learn a new language, and how to be more gender inclusive with your words in your daily life.
  • You will learn new habits that serve you and others, and how to incorporate all that you've learned about gender and yourself in your life and in the world.
  • You will learn how to create a future that doesn't rely on gender oppression and embody that future in the present. 

“Cameron is pioneering a new type of freedom for us all.”
— Victoria Bauman
“I’ve gotten so much from our session. I’m SO glad I connected with you. I feel more at home in myself with this knowledge.”
— Sharyn Holmes



A Deep Journey Into Gender

This is an in depth 2.5-3 month (a total of 8 sessions) journey into gender that entails:

   One 60 minute one-on-one session per week*  

   Personalized weekly writing and reflection prompts, exercises, assignments and resources to support your learning/unlearning, exploration and enrich your experience

    Weekly email check-ins to help you feel supported and connected

*we’ll take a week break after each 3rd week to help you digest and integrate what you’ve learned, unlearned, and explored so far. and to give yourself some rest because this gender stuff can be a lot


*Payment plans are available


Ready To Take This Journey With Me And Get Free?


Mini Dive Into Gender

Not ready to take the deep dive but still want to do some digging and dissecting of gender and how it’s influencing you and your life? 

This package might be for you. It includes:

4 sessions for 45 minutes each

Some tools, resources and reflection exercises to support you and help you begin to integrate new perspectives and practices into your daily life. 

A 20 minute follow up call one-two weeks after all of our sessions to help you feel emotionally supported and inspired to integrate what you've learned and explored into your life.


*Payment plans are available


A Taste Of Gender

Want to get a taste of what this journey into unlearning and exploring your gender is all about before you take a deeper dive?

One 90 minute session 



Curious about all of this gender stuff but want to chat first before committing to anything? Schedule a FREE 20 minute phone/video call with me so we can connect and see if any of this sounds like a good fit for you right now.


*Accessibility is important to me. If you're unable to afford my pricing, but are feeling drawn to work with me, then please fill out the form above leaving your information. Then, I will contact you and we'll find something that works for both of us.


Note: I am not a licensed therapist. If you’re wanting to talk to someone about transitioning your body, please see a therapist.

I make space for you to be completely honest with me about gender and what you’re struggling with. If there are areas that you want to go deeper into that are outside of my skillset or capacity, then I will let you know and refer you to an appropriate therapist or someone else that could support you better.