Ways Feminists Can Give During The Holidays

Ways Feminists Can Give During The Holidays

When you’re give to others, your brain actually acts in a similar way to when you’re eating chocolate or having sex. In this study, they found that human brains are actually built to be more generous than selfish. Humans often feel better when they give in a way that feels good to them. As feminists, it’s important that we truly give from our hearts and with what’s in alignment with our values. It’s important that we put our money where our mouth is, and support marginalized folks. It’s essential that we give to ourselves during the holidays as well. This post will help you give in non-traditional ways that are in alignment with your feminist values.

Give To Creativity, Art & Visibility

Marginalized communities need more visibility, and they need to be supported in their art and creativities.

Are you a marginalized person? Then, start by making yourself more visible and express your creativity. What are you doing to make yourself visible? Are you shying away from writing that blog post, promoting yourself on social media, or fully being yourself? Start by making yourself more visible because we need YOU. The world needs you. You are valuable. There’s no greater time to shine than now. Remember, that making yourself more visible and sharing your creativity is believing in and giving to yourself.

Secondly, help other marginalized folks be more visible. Helping marginalized communities be more visible also supports their art and creativity. As feminists, we need to support one another, elevate each other’s voices, and build community.

Here are some ways you can help increase other marginalized folks’ visibility and support their art and creativity:

-Listen to podcasts led by marginalized folks (POC, women, disabled folks, queer & trans folks, etc) and give to their Patreons-even $1/month helps!

-Do you have a podcast or blog? Host guests that are marginalized in ways that you’re not on your podcast or blog. This will help boost both of your visibility and support one another’s creativity!

-Books always make great gifts. Buy books written by and about marginalized folks.

-Shop at your local, small businesses owned and run by POC, women, queer & trans folks, disabled folks, etc.

-Attend, rent, and watch movies and TV shows by and about POC, trans & queer folks, disabled folks, and women

-Consume and support media and art from POC, women, trans & queer folks, and disabled folks, etc.

Listen to and give to folks with different perspectives and experiences, and value their creativity, art and livelihood by giving money, sharing what you love about their work on social media, and telling your friends!


What causes and organizations are most near and dear to your heart? Pick one that is local to you and volunteer your time. Giving your time can help you meet more people who share your values, build community, and it will light up that pleasure part of your brain! There are remote ways to volunteer as well. On LinkedIn, search “feminist” under the job category and you’ll see a list of feminist volunteer opportunities, some of which are remote and in-person.

If you’re going to be spending a good amount of time with family that you’re worried about being around, find an opportunity to volunteer in the city or town where you’re going to be. This will help you get out of the house, take a break from family, and do something that you believe in. If you’re feeling really courageous, encourage the whole family to volunteer! Pick a day to volunteer at a local event or organization-the more the merrier!

Quality Time

A non-traditional, special way to give is your time and attention. Cook dinner for a friend, schedule a hike, a hot tub date, or a night of wine and chocolate. People remember experiences more than they do material possessions. Giving yourself, your time, and attention to those you love and appreciate means the world. Plus, it’s a fun and enjoyable way to spend the holidays instead of stressing out about what to buy them. Just set a special date of spending time together and doing something fun instead. Maybe there’s a cooking class you want to attend with a friend or you just want to invite a loved one over for a morning cup of joe. It doesn’t have to cost much or any money, get creative!

Give To Yourself

This is the most important; how can you truly give to others if you haven’t given to yourself first? The commercialism of the holidays pressures you to give and give to others, which only adds more drain and stress on to yourself. Remember, you don’t have to buy into that pressure; you can give whatever you feel like instead. But, before you think about what you’re giving to others, schedule in what you’re going to give to yourself. Is it daily meditation, naps, yoga classes, chocolates, solo time, nature hikes, cooking a nourishing meal for yourself, or going to a movie you want to see? What is it that YOU want to do? How can you give to yourself? There are so many ways you can give to yourself. Ask yourself what you need, and schedule in that time that you’re going to attend to your needs! Remember to take care of you first. As Audre Lorde said, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” Taking care of yourself is a feminist act, especially in a world where women are expected to give and give to others. Value yourself first, and see how the rest of your life unfolds in amazing, unexpected ways.

Here are a few feminist blogs I recommend to help you take the best care for yourself and your mental health during the holidays and always: Spoken Black Girl and The Focus On You.